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August 05, 2020


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Suggested changes to this procedure shall be proposed to the document owner. These shall be reviewed with the Executive Committee where relevant and, if applicable, approval of any proposed changes shall be provided by the Committee

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2.0 Overview

Commencing 2008 Bosco Football Club implemented a Grading Policy looking at ways of improving the manner in which players are evaluated for selection into teams and grades.

With the responsibility of placing our players into teams and grades the Club wants to show a commitment to promote fairness, consistency and transparency in the selection process.

There will be a Grading Committee made up of four members per age group whom are experienced and suitably qualified to grade each age group.

The Grading Coordinator role is to administer the club grading and will not form part of the grading committee.

Prior to the commencement of grading, the Grading Co-ordinator will create a roster for each person of the Grading Committee one month prior to grading. The Grading Committee will consist of those who have volunteered or been nominated – via the nomination process – (Open 1 December – 31 December).

These approved members will form part of the Bosco FC committee and be held to the responsibilities and standards of all committee members.

Grading Committee




Age Group









In determining the roster, the Grading Co-ordinator will ensure that nobody assisting in the grading process will participate in grading an age group where they may have an explicit or an implied relationship in any way with the age group or a player or team in that age group. For example they may have applied, or intend to apply, to be a Coach or Manager of a team within the age group or they may have a son, daughter or relative in that age group. Only the Club’s Executive Committee may approve any alternation to this requirement.

Selection of Teams

The basis of initial selection will be the combination of:-

a) Merit - The application of both individual and team skills in the game of football in grading trials.

b) Grading reports submitted by team coaches at the end of the prior season.

c) New players to the Club will be evaluated by placing them with groups of players of similar experience and ability as observed during the grading trials

d) Where a player has been selected in a representative academy/SAP team consideration of the rules and bylaws of the appropriate Regions e.g. SSFA requirements for player placements should be acknowledged.

The objective of the initial selection of teams is to group players with similar ability together.

If a decision on the grading of players cannot be reached, the previous season’s coach or coaches could be asked for their opinion, privately and confidentially, by the Grading Committee. Such an enquiry would address the player’s previous experience and contribution towards their own performance and that of the team on and off the field. A majority vote of the Grading Committee will then finalise the team selection. In the event of a tied vote, the Grading Coordinator will cast the deciding vote.

A final grading sheet for all teams and players (noting players in skill level order) will be supplied to the Junior Registrar upon completion of grading. The grading sheets will be used in the event of any new or late registrations.

The number of players to be put into the teams in the age group they are grading is to be determined by the relevant Registrar prior to the grading commencing, the grading committee must put those numbers into the teams, not decide to have imbalance

Grading is allocated into two weeks. At the end of each week the Grading Committee will submit their final team selections to the Executive Committee for endorsement. As a guideline the team’s selection details will be published on the Bosco FC website (www.boscofc.org.au) the proceeding Tuesday of each weeks grading.

In age groups where there are two or more teams the higher graded team would normally have fewer players in the team, with the opportunity to promote players at a later date, (eg: the team graded 13B may have 14 players and the team graded 13D may have 16 players). This will also allow opportunity for the higher graded team to “borrow up” from the lower graded team, whereas teams are not allowed to borrow players from a team graded higher than themselves.

If the age group is still open for registration the teams already selected can only have new players added to them by having new, or late registering, players coming in to the lower graded team and players, with the appropriate skill and ability &/or rated the highest during grading are to be transferred to the higher graded team at the Registrars discretion. Final endorsement of late team changes must be made by the executive committee.

Players up to and including the age of 16 cannot register to play in an age group more than 2 years older than the age they turn?

The club has a commitment of attempting to meet requests to play with friends for U6 & U7 and will make every effort putting together teams based upon submitted lists of players.

The Club appreciates and supports the fact that some players, especially in their late teens, play primarily for social reasons and wish to form teams on this basis.

For U8’s to U16 teams will be selected based upon the matching of players’ abilities although extenuating circumstances of course will be considered. Where players request to play together, they will be graded in the team based on the grade of the lowest graded of the two players.

All requests are to be provided to the Age Coordinator of the age group the player is eligible for.

Adult Team Requests | Under 18 & Above

Please email your full team lists to prior to February 4th and provide contact details [Mobile number & Email Address] for a coach and/or manager. If you do not yet have a coach/manager, please nominate a team organiser that we may contact should we have any queries regarding your team.

After players have been selected into teams, the Grading Committee, with reference to grading sheets from the previous year, previous year’s competition results and any movement of players within the age group, shall determine the grades to be requested from the SSFA for the ensuing year.

Players shall play in the team in which they are selected. In the event that a player wishes to transfer to another team within the Club they are to provide a written request, outlining the reasons for the transfer, and submit it to the Club’s Secretary. The Club’s Secretary will convene a meeting with members of the Grading Committee to review and consider the request. This meeting may, or may not, involve the player and / or their parents, seeking the transfer. This meeting is to be conducted at the earliest possible convenience.

All players shall be eligible for selection in their applicable age group as defined by the Rules and By-Laws as published by the SSFA.

Any request for consideration for an exception to the above ‘age group’ rule must be submitted, in writing, and addressed to the Club’s Secretary, documenting reasons for the request and is to be accompanied by parental consent for players under the age of 18 years. The Club Secretary will discuss these requests with members of the Grading Committee and where the Club’s consent is granted shall report these requests to the SSFA for their final consent.

It must not be assumed that players that played in an older age group the previous year will be permitted to do so in the following year, It must be made clear to players wishing to play in an older age group that it be reviewed on a case by case basis and reviewed annually at each new registering year.

From time to time an age group may have an imbalance of player numbers. This may require players to play above their age group. If this situation arises, the following is to apply:

a) Players may only be requested to play up; they cannot be forced to play up.

b) The Grading Committee can refuse a player from playing up if they are of the opinion that it will be detrimental to the player’s performance or well-being.

c) The Grading Committee will select the most suitable applicants to play up an age for that season only.

d) Players that play up an age group do so on the understanding that in the following year they will return to their appropriate age group. If they want to remain in the higher age group in subsequent years they will be required to re-apply at that time.

Competition teams registered with Bosco Football Club will be capped at the following number of players, which is a Sutherland Shire Football Association recommendation:



Any variation to this cap will be made at the discretion of the Clubs Registrar.

Any disputed grading’s or questions on the grading process need to be directed to the Club’s Secretary at the earliest possible convenience, following the team’s selection details being published on the website. As a guideline it is expected that any dispute would be lodged, in writing, within 24 – 48 hours of the team’s listing being published.

All disputed grading’s will be referred to the Technical Director for consideration. The Technical Director will;

  1. Review grading notes from the age group’s grading session.
  1. Review the previous season’s player resume, if the child played with Bosco FC.
  1. Discuss the player’s performance and attitude with the coach of the previous season.

Results from items 1 – 3 will be reviewed by a minimum of three members of the Executive Committee. In consultation with the relevant members of the grading committee.

The Club’s Secretary will be provided with the recommendation which may include player development advice. As a guideline the Club’s Secretary will be in contact with the player, and / or their parents, within 72 hours of the lodgement of the dispute.

Any further protests about the decision reached by the Technical Director must be lodged, in writing addressed to the Club Secretary, within 24 hours. The Club Secretary will convene a meeting to discuss the matter with the Club’s Executive Committee.

All decisions about late registrations for any group are to be taken by the relevant Club’s Registrar, not the Grading coordinator or the grading committee.

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